Stephen King Says President Trump Has Blocked Him On Twitter

"Trump has blocked me from reading his tweets. I may have to kill myself."

On Tuesday, horror writer extraordinaire Stephen King tweeted that Donald Trump had blocked him on Twitter.

Trump has blocked me from reading his tweets. I may have to kill myself.

King has been consistently vocal on Twitter in opposing Trump's presidency.

I wish anyone other than Donald Trump--left, right, or center--were taking the Oath of Office tomorrow. My preference would be Barack Obama.

In response to the block, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling offered to relay Trump's tweets to King.

I still have access. I'll DM them to you.

@jk_rowling @BevVincent Thanks. Maybe it's a hoax. I'm good either way. I'll always have Pence, hahahaha.

Other people made jokes about the ~horror~ of the situation.

@StephenKing Unhinged President unleashes curse by blocking famous horror novelist, dooming the rest of his term in office.

As well as jokes about Trump in general.

@StephenKing Congratulations, sir! Likely he's the only person in the Free World who doesn't know who you are, tho…

King joins a host of other people Trump has blocked, including Jimmy Kimmel Live writer Bess Kalb, ordinary citizens, and a progressive veterans advocacy group.

OH. MY. EFFING. GOD. The President of the United States just blocked me on Twitter because I hurt his feelings.…

a @POTUS so mentally weak & intolerant of dissent he blocks US citizens critical of his policies from even reading…

The Commander in Chief can block @VoteVets, the voice of 500k military veterans and families, but we will NOT be si…


Bess Kalb was blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter. A previous version of this post misstated her name.

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