Slack Went Down And People Started To Lose Their Minds

Never forget the great Slackpocalypse of 2015.

Slack, the popular chat room/messenger app/reaction GIF generator that many companies are now cripplingly addicted to, went down around 2:40 PM EST today.

@YourThreshold @weeddude We are experiencing issues right now and our team is working on getting service back up. Thanks for your patience!

It was a dark time. People couldn't communicate with their co-workers.

Slack's been down for an hour. Am I supposed to talk to coworkers with my mouth, like some kind of animal?

Come on, Slack. I need to ask my co-worker who sits next to me something.

Or send the perfect reaction GIF.

that i can't send a 420 GIF in Slack right now is literally killing me

"Work was a mess today. Slack was down." "What's Slack, honey?" "It's an app where I type the words 'Giphy dongs' until I get sent to HR."

Frustration ensued.

Slack is down and all I want to do is talk to my coworkers about it on Slack

Can’t log in to Slack. Will have to actually do work instead of being distracted by productivity software.

Current status: Our team created a HipChat account so we could talk about the Slack outage.

me: "hello from the other side" slack: "..." me: "i must have called a thousand times" slack: "i'm still down"

Panic and conspiracy theories spread across Twitter.

Slack isn't down. You've been fired.

i got bad news guys. slack has always been down. it was all a dream

Some began to welcome a post-Slack era.

1. Slack kills email 2. Slack dies 3. No email, no Slack, life is relaxing and quiet and awesome

I’ve lost 30 pounds and crossed twelve items off my bucket-list since Slack went down.

folks, Slack is down. i don't know what that is because i've never had a job, and only the most boring unfunny people ever mention it

Elsewhere, others resorted to desperate measures to communicate.

.@Slack is down. we've captured an intern and are passing post it notes back and forth across the room. the intern has to act out the gifs

Slack is down, so I printed my message out on my dot-matrix printer — including emojis — and then faxed it to everyone at Fortune

Really desperate measures.

With @SlackHQ down, the @BuzzFeedNews crew has resorted to one big G-chat like it's the Middle Ages or something

Fortunately we still had Twitter to tide us over.

So glad Twitter is around to (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Pick up the Slack

If Slack and Twitter ever go down at the same time it will be the end of the world as we know it.

But then, like a shining miracle, Slack came back to life around 5:20 p.m. ET.

Update! With thanks for your patience and apologies for disruption, this is a cautious all-clear. We’re back. Hopefully, you’re back too. 🙇🏻

And all was well in the world again. 🙏

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