People Are Seriously Upset "The Leftovers" Didn't Get More Emmy Noms

"I cry for The Leftovers. Shame on you Emmys."

The 2017 Emmy nominees were announced this morning and people are more than a little pissed that HBO's final season of The Leftovers was almost completely shut out.

Fans of Damon Lindelof's bleak AF series were hoping that this morning would — at the bare minimum — bring nominations for the series, director Mimi Leder, and stars Carrie Coon and Justin Theroux.

Especially given the promises Lindelof had made on Instagram during the voting window...

Needless to say, fans were a little upset about the meager, singular nomination.

There are many bad things happening in our country right now. #TheLeftovers not getting single Emmy nomination may…

They were upset.

I had really hoped not to have to use this gif today. #TheLeftovers and everyone involved were robbed. #Emmys

They were confused.

How can the #Emmys2017 continue to snub #TheLeftovers?? What am I missing?? Best show on TV this year. I don't unde…

So, the #Emmys2017 pretty much ignored #TheLeftovers....

But mostly, they were angry.

Makes me fucking sick how little recognition #TheLeftovers gets. Fuck the #Emmys. It's the greatest show ever.

Opens acceptance speech paper. ".. I'd also like to extend my sincere f**k you to the @TheEmmys for not nominating #Theleftovers .."

I cry for #TheLeftovers. Shame on you, #Emmys

A few fans tried to focus on the fact that ~at least~ Coon was nominated for her work on FX's Fargo.

The weird conflict of being happy Carrie Coon is Emmy-nominated for #Fargo and yet still feeling really bummed she wasn’t for #TheLeftovers…

Very happy that @carriecoon was nominated for #Fargo, but she DEFINITELY deserved another for #TheLeftovers. 2017 is fucked, man #Emmys

Some took this as an opportunity to talk about why the show should have been nominated...

Nora Durst, played by @carriecoon on #TheLeftovers, is one of my favorite fully developed, perfectly acted characters in TV history.

...And tried to look on the bright side.

So with today's Emmy snubs, #TheLeftovers cements its status as #TheWire of the 2010s. Not a bad consolation prize.

Especially when the show began to trend on Twitter.

#TheLeftovers is trending for a good reason. #emmys #snubbed

And, perhaps, given the message behind The Leftover's final moment, being grateful for the show's three sublime seasons is exactly the right mindset.

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