16 Lingering "Big Brother 16" Questions Answered

From Frankie's controversial comments to Nicole's future with Hayden and Caleb's crush, the Big Brother 16 houseguests reveal all to BuzzFeed News in their first post-finale interviews.

1. What would have happened if Cody brought Victoria to the final two?

2. How would Victoria have sold herself to the jury if she were in the final two?

3. Zankie: Showmance or romance?

4. Are Hayden and Nicole actually a couple?

5. Was Jocasta speaking in tongues?

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During several competitions, it looked as if Jocasta — a minister — was actually speaking in tongues. "Yes, that was me speaking in tongues," she confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

"Spirituality is me and sometimes it just really takes over and, the next thing I know, I'm in a whole other dimension. That is a way for me to release and feel good. And it's a wonderful motivating factor. Hey, God works!"

6. Did Caleb's affections torpedo Amber's game?

7. Why does everyone shout in the Diary Room?

8. When was Cody a model?


Photos of Cody's pre-BB life as a model surfaced online once he became a favorite among the fans; images that a slightly embarrassed Cody actually assumed would stay hidden while he was in the house. "I didn't realize how easy it is to search the internet and find stuff," he said, blushing.

"I did model for a little bit. Coming out of college, my brother, who lives in New York City, started linking up with a lot of photographers, so I took a lot of photos and then got booked on jobs a little bit. I didn't go to college and accumulate these loans to model; I wanted a job. I didn't want to tell people I modeled. I didn't want to be looked at like that. I wanted to be looked at like the kind of person who went out and got a job."

Although now that he's out of the house, Cody has no plans to return to his job as a sales executive. "I didn't like it," he said. "I took that job because I had just gotten my degree and felt like I needed a job. Big Brother was a huge blessing for me."

9. Why did Frankie joke about assaulting Victoria?

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In August, Frankie was heard on the live feeds making a tasteless joke (that can be heard above) and it received a lot of online attention, with Victoria's family demanding an apology.

"One of my strategies was to be one of the guys of the house, to bro it out," Frankie told BuzzFeed News. "In that moment, they were finding me extremely funny. Obviously, I'm a very colorful and effervescent person, so I take things a little too far. Of course, there was no malintent. You know how much I love Victoria. She's a wonderful person, so if I did offend anyone, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. It was not my intention."

10. What's up with Jocasta's bowties?

From day one, Jocasta has sported a wide array of bowties, but never actually explained why she wears them.

"Bow ties make me feel authoritative yet sexy, because I love to wear them with a dress," she said. "People think, She looks independent but, dang, must mean business — and she looks sassy. It gives me my own identity. In middle school, I would wear ties, so I'm always trying to be different. I don't have time to be like everybody else!"

And for the record, Jocasta owns 60 bowties — many of which she made herself.

11. Why was Christine booed by the live studio audience?

Yes, she made some questionable choices in the game — most notably betraying her friend, Nicole — but many felt the close relationship that Christine, who is married, shared with Cody was behind the live studio audience booing her on eviction night. But Christine would like everyone to know there was nothing untoward happening in the house.

"The weird thing is, I tickle my mom's arm like that, I play with people's hair like that," Christine told BuzzFeed News. "I think maybe because we were trapped, it just happened too often. We were just friends and nothing more. Ever."

Cody backed up her claims. "When I heard the boos, I immediately thought it was because of her and my relationship," he said. "I know we were crazy tight, but I never thought we crossed a line. I couldn't talk to Derrick 24/7. Knowing she couldn't defend herself to her husband when she was sent to jury, thinking about that was what killed me the most."

12. Did anyone actually care that Frankie is Ariana Grande's brother?

13. What exactly happened to Devin?

14. How does Caleb explain his controversial Instagram comments?

15. Why wasn't an all-girls alliance ever formed?

16. Was Frankie "acting" in the house?

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