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16 Lingering "Big Brother 16" Questions Answered

From Frankie's controversial comments to Nicole's future with Hayden and Caleb's crush, the Big Brother 16 houseguests reveal all to BuzzFeed News in their first post-finale interviews.

Posted on September 25, 2014, at 2:34 p.m. ET

1. What would have happened if Cody brought Victoria to the final two?


After winning the final Head of Household competition, Cody had to decide whether he'd like to go against Derrick or Victoria in the finals. He chose Derrick, who went on to win the game and $500,000 by a 7 to 2 vote. But what would've happened if Cody chose Victoria instead?

In the Big Brother backyard, BuzzFeed News polled the jury members following the finale and found out that Cody would have won, 7 to 2, if he'd taken Victoria instead. "Wow, thanks a lot for telling me that," Cody joked when informed of the alternate results. That said, he wouldn't change a thing.

"I would have regretted not taking him," Cody said to BuzzFeed News. "Even if I won, I owed so much of my game to him, if I didn't take him, it would have been out of my character."

As for those two votes for Victoria, they were cast by Frankie and Derrick! "For backstabbing me like that, I'd vote for Victoria," Derrick said. Frankie reasoned, "I feel like it would have been the ultimate break of trust and loyalty, and that's what sent me out of the house, and it would be something I would not have respected in Cody's game."

2. How would Victoria have sold herself to the jury if she were in the final two?


Sticking with this bizzaro timeline theme, what would Victoria have said to the jury in order to convince them she deserved to win Big Brother since many of them considered her the ultimate floater? We asked her to deliver a version of her final plea and here's what she told BuzzFeed News:

"I have fought my way from the first competition all the way to the last, been nominated nine times, I've taken myself off five times, I was there for people when no one else was; that is a huge factor. And I really enjoyed playing this game and I never backstabbed or personally attacked anyone. I'm very proud of all of that, and hopefully you, the jury, will respect that and give me the $500,000."

While she would have never won, Victoria believes she played a flawless game and would have beaten Derrick in jury votes. "I think I played an amazing game," she said. "I wanted to play but know that when it was over, I could walk out with my head held high. I did not personally attack anyone, I tried to be there for people, and I am very proud of my game play. I made it to Top 3, so what else can a girl ask for?"

3. Zankie: Showmance or romance?

CBS / Via

One of the year's biggest storylines was the relationship between Frankie and Zach, which was rather intimate considering that Zach is heterosexual. But was Zankie, as the duo came to be called, a genuine exploration of romantic feelings or simply strategy?

"It was all strategy," Zach told BuzzFeed News. "I never cuddle with men [in the outside world], but I'm playing a game for $500,000 — if someone wants to cuddle with me, why not? But it never went beyond cuddling. Hands didn't travel ... although Frankie kissed my neck and bit my ear a couple of times. Not saying I didn't like it."

For his part, Frankie said the affection was always reciprocated and those love bites were returned on more than one occasion — but he never actually believed something romantic could happen between him and Zach. "As a gay man, I never look at straight men as options, actually," he told BuzzFeed News. "If you tell me you're straight, good. Congratulations. I will flirt with you and have a fun time, but there's no danger here and they all felt that."

Zach said that their intimate relationship ended the instant he was evicted from the house, but according to Nicole that's not entirely accurate. "Five minutes after Frankie walked into the jury house they were on top of each other," she told BuzzFeedNews. "I didn't know how Zach was going to act towards Frankie because it was no longer a game, but, oh my gosh, I think Zach's really obsessed with Frankie."

4. Are Hayden and Nicole actually a couple?


The summer's other big relationship was between Hayden and Nicole — but now that the show is over, will it evaporate like so many other summer Big Brother loves?

"We are officially dating, so you can call us boyfriend and girlfriend," Nicole said. "We've been talking about moving to Chicago and seeing where things go. We're serious."

Hayden added: "Spending a lot of time in the jury house was good for us. You're completely secluded 24/7, just like the Big Brother house, but with no cameras and no game. That's a lot of time to get to know each other very personally and I can't let a girl go with that cute of an accent."

5. Was Jocasta speaking in tongues?

View this video on YouTube


During several competitions, it looked as if Jocasta — a minister — was actually speaking in tongues. "Yes, that was me speaking in tongues," she confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

"Spirituality is me and sometimes it just really takes over and, the next thing I know, I'm in a whole other dimension. That is a way for me to release and feel good. And it's a wonderful motivating factor. Hey, God works!"

6. Did Caleb's affections torpedo Amber's game?


It was no secret that Caleb developed an intense crush on Amber this summer and even when his affections weren't reciprocated, those feelings persisted — at times to an uncomfortable level. "I didn't want to hurt his feelings in the house," Amber told BuzzFeed News. "I tried to let him down in a very positive way. Maybe if I was more blunt and forward, it might have stopped. I've never been in a situation like that where you're in a house with that person and you can't escape them. I was trying to be as positive as I could."

Does Amber, like many viewers, think she was evicted for not welcoming Caleb's advances? In short: yes.

"Even though Frankie was behind a lot of it, it did feel that way because he used us not being on good terms to get me evicted," she said. "If I would have been on good terms with him and liked him a little bit more, it would have changed my whole game. But I'm not going to lead somebody on for $500,000. I'm sorry. That's crazy. My morals are far more important than money. Money will go. I was robbed, but whatever."

And lest you think time apart has softened Caleb's feelings for Amber, he still believes there's a chance for them to be together. "She told me numerous times that if she likes me, she would tell me afterwards," Caleb revealed to BuzzFeed News.

"We're in a game, we're in front of cameras, we're mic'ed up — I think there were a lot of things she wanted to tell me that she couldn't with the cameras around. I thought that maybe God put her in the house just for me. She lives an hour and a half away from me, her dad works on the military base my brother flies helicopters on, we both grew up with dads who were ex-military, and went through our parents divorcing. What more is there to do with our relationship other than putting a ring on her finger?"

7. Why does everyone shout in the Diary Room?


One of the biggest fan complaints is that every houseguest in nearly every season screams their thoughts during Diary Room confessionals. But why?!?!

"They tell you to," Derrick said of off-camera producers. "Whenever you talk normally, they ask for more energy. You do what you're told, but as a fan, I see it every year, and now I'm guilty of it."

His claim was backed up by more than one embarrassed houseguest. "OH MY GOD! I knew it," Cody exclaimed. "The producers are like, 'Bring some energy!' So you get loud. I walked out of that room every time and said to a number of different people, 'I am going to watch this and be Chef Joe. I know I'm screaming at the camera.' Damnit, I knew it. I'm a loud guy, and I knew that going in there, but... damn."

Although at least one houseguest knew full well what he was doing. "I'd win a competition, chug a Red Bull, and go into the Diary Room flying like a bull," Caleb said. "I gotta get pumped up, that's what the people want to see. They want us to be fun and energetic and doing 'judy chops' all over the place. That's what they like."

8. When was Cody a model?

Photos of Cody's pre-BB life as a model surfaced online once he became a favorite among the fans; images that a slightly embarrassed Cody actually assumed would stay hidden while he was in the house. "I didn't realize how easy it is to search the internet and find stuff," he said, blushing.

"I did model for a little bit. Coming out of college, my brother, who lives in New York City, started linking up with a lot of photographers, so I took a lot of photos and then got booked on jobs a little bit. I didn't go to college and accumulate these loans to model; I wanted a job. I didn't want to tell people I modeled. I didn't want to be looked at like that. I wanted to be looked at like the kind of person who went out and got a job."

Although now that he's out of the house, Cody has no plans to return to his job as a sales executive. "I didn't like it," he said. "I took that job because I had just gotten my degree and felt like I needed a job. Big Brother was a huge blessing for me."

9. Why did Frankie joke about assaulting Victoria?

View this video on YouTube


In August, Frankie was heard on the live feeds making a tasteless joke (that can be heard above) and it received a lot of online attention, with Victoria's family demanding an apology.

"One of my strategies was to be one of the guys of the house, to bro it out," Frankie told BuzzFeed News. "In that moment, they were finding me extremely funny. Obviously, I'm a very colorful and effervescent person, so I take things a little too far. Of course, there was no malintent. You know how much I love Victoria. She's a wonderful person, so if I did offend anyone, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. It was not my intention."

10. What's up with Jocasta's bowties?


From day one, Jocasta has sported a wide array of bowties, but never actually explained why she wears them.

"Bow ties make me feel authoritative yet sexy, because I love to wear them with a dress," she said. "People think, She looks independent but, dang, must mean business — and she looks sassy. It gives me my own identity. In middle school, I would wear ties, so I'm always trying to be different. I don't have time to be like everybody else!"

And for the record, Jocasta owns 60 bowties — many of which she made herself.

11. Why was Christine booed by the live studio audience?

Yes, she made some questionable choices in the game — most notably betraying her friend, Nicole — but many felt the close relationship that Christine, who is married, shared with Cody was behind the live studio audience booing her on eviction night. But Christine would like everyone to know there was nothing untoward happening in the house.

"The weird thing is, I tickle my mom's arm like that, I play with people's hair like that," Christine told BuzzFeed News. "I think maybe because we were trapped, it just happened too often. We were just friends and nothing more. Ever."

Cody backed up her claims. "When I heard the boos, I immediately thought it was because of her and my relationship," he said. "I know we were crazy tight, but I never thought we crossed a line. I couldn't talk to Derrick 24/7. Knowing she couldn't defend herself to her husband when she was sent to jury, thinking about that was what killed me the most."

12. Did anyone actually care that Frankie is Ariana Grande's brother?


All season long, Frankie kept a secret: his sister is Ariana Grande. Then, after his duplicitous ways were exposed, he made a last-ditch effort to save his game and revealed his family tree to the house. While Frankie shared this information with the importance of a presidential briefing, the houseguests seemed unfazed.

"No one cared," Nicole said, with a laugh. "I didn't know who she was," Caleb added. "I don't listen to that kind of music. But the fact I didn't care was because [Ariana] wasn't playing the game. I don't care who his sister is, I care about you being loyal to me. I mean, it's neat that a guy I lay with in bed has a huge pop star sister, but as far as the game, it didn't change a thing."

Cody, meanwhile, kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. "I was a little disappointed," he said, adding that he thought a bigger revelation was coming. "It was a good game move on his part and the only reason he did that was for game reasons, but, honestly, I was laughing. It wasn't something I was too interested in."

And that's the one thing everyone did agree on: Regardless of the importance of the announcement, it had the intended effect on Frankie's game. "It was a good play because he was dead in the game. The house had flipped on him and he had no choice but to do something big and pull out that card. That's what he did, and it worked. It bought him a few weeks, but ultimately his pride got in the way and that was his downfall."

13. What exactly happened to Devin?


Devin was riding high at the start of this game, having established a powerful alliance in week one and winning Head of Household in week two. Then he, seemingly, lost his mind, blew up his alliance, and got evicted. So, what exactly happened?

"Big Brother is the nicest California prison I've ever seen in my life," Devin told BuzzFeed News. "You can never account for all the downtime in this house and not being able to go places will take its toll on you. You go stir crazy and tend to lose your mind. That little spy cam in HOH doesn't help either because you start ad libbing people's conversations in the house. It's a conflict of emotions and morals. This game is not for everybody."

14. How does Caleb explain his controversial Instagram comments?


Before the season even started, websites caught wind of racist comments made by Caleb on Instagram. It was reported that he said, in response to someone defending President Obama, “You believe in murder? You agree with f*gs? I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering a innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. Nothin has changed in these last four years. Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. I’m done with you, your dismissed."

When presented with the comment by BuzzFeed News, Caleb had no memory of the interaction. "Honestly, I don't know where that's coming from," he said. "My game and how I played my game completely crushes that comment. It's not who I am as a person. Like I said, I believe the way I played my game and the people I was closest to in this house — Amber, Devin, Frankie — I think that sums up everything and crushes that comment."

15. Why wasn't an all-girls alliance ever formed?


Joey tried and failed to start an all-girls alliance in week one, but why didn't the idea come back up after her eviction?

"Joey ruined it for us," Victoria said — and of course that sat just fine with her. "The girls were very, very catty and that was very unfortunate because the girls went after each other instead of working together. But it helped me because I'm still last girl standing."

Christine cited another reason for the lack of female unity. "If you gave me strong girls in a house, I could have done it," she said. "With Joey, Poala, and Brittany, there was no option for it. I think Nicole, Amber, and I could have done something, and I wanted that — but you can't make an alliance with two people at that point. The women were too weak. And look at the guys. There were so many of them."

16. Was Frankie "acting" in the house?


Many fans wondered how genuine Frankie was being in the house considering he's an actor in real life. Turns out, he was acting quite a lot. "I was in there for 88 days and a lot of my strategy had to do with acting," Frankie said. "I acted a lot in the house. With Team America, I was acting for days. In the confessionals, it is a TV show, so as a producer and an actor, I know that I'm giving the producers what they want sometimes. If that's acting, that's acting. But, for the most part, I was playing too hard to really act."

A BuzzFeed News investigation, in partnership with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, based on thousands of documents the government didn't want you to see.