That Tweet About A Bear Visiting A Canadian Backyard Is Unbearably Fake

Never retweet anything.

Aww, look at this wholesome tweet about a bear everyone keeps sharing. Typical Canada, eh?

But you, you're smart. You know viral tweets are often unreliable, especially lately. You also notice that people are calling out @icarlyismygf for stealing the photo.

Some even know the pic was a meme on Tumblr.

You do a quick reverse image search and see that the bear in question visited a backyard in Avon, Connecticut, earlier this year. It's not even from Canada.

Scrolling through @icarlyismygf's timeline doesn't inspire confidence, either. You notice it's filled with links to a questionable website.

Lots of links!

The account also posted an ad for a $20 choker that you notice looks to be nothing more than a literal piece of string.

It even retweeted another account that's trying to make some trying to sell you another a Twitter account.

But maybe you're wrong. Maybe this is a real person. Look at this picture of their dad in a striped shirt.

You do another reverse image search, and it turns out this Twitter user even lied about their dad. This photo is actually from a tweet that went viral in 2016.

And with that, you vow to never share a viral post without fact-checking it first. Goodbye, fakes!

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