Several Boats Sank During A Trump Boat Parade And People Had To Be Rescued From The Water

A county sheriff spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that their office responded to "many emergency calls for boats in distress" during the parade.

A boat with a sign saying "Trump 2020 The Sequel, Make Liberals Cry Again"

Emergency services in Texas responded to distress calls about a Trump boat parade in Austin on Saturday, with police saying that “several” boats sank.

“I can confirm that we responded to many emergency calls for boats in distress during the parade,” a spokesperson for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office told BuzzFeed News. “Several boats did sink. I’m not able to give exact numbers.”

Lake Travis Trump Boat Parade: just working class Americans in $300k boats and with four helicopters... Taken from my balcony

It’s not clear how many boats were on the water on Lake Travis, Texas, but the Facebook event showed over 2,600 confirmed attendees.

Photos and videos from the event show dozens of boats on the lake in clear weather. At least one boat was pictured being swamped by big waves.

TRUMP BOAT PARADE: A few more photos from KVUE's @ToriLarnedtv, taken at the "Trump Boat Parade" on #LakeTravis. MORE:

“No injuries or medical emergencies have occured as the result of these incidents,” the county’s EMS service tweeted.

Firefighters from Lake Travis Fire Rescue had to rescue several people from the water, the New York Times reported.

The Texas parade was one of many planned across the country for the first day of Labor Day Weekend. There were other parades taking place in Minnesota, Florida, and New Jersey, touting pro-Trump signs and American flags.

This is the latest in a series of boat parades that have previously been praised by the president. At a similar parade for Trump supporters in Oregon in August, several people had to be pulled out of the water after their boat was swamped by waves.

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