Here Are The Ads Russian Trolls Targeted At American Teenagers

Some of the ads released by the House Intelligence Committee targeted teens as young as 13.

The House Intelligence Committee released ads connected to a pro-Russian troll farm today. Along with the ads, the committee released metadata showing that some advertisements were targeted at teenagers as young as 13.

During testimony at the Senate Intelligence Committee, Facebook said at least 146 million Americans saw the ads purchased by the Kremlin-linked troll farm, up from 126 million. The aim was to influence the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election and increase division after it was over.

This ad, which got 857 clicks, was targeted at people aged 13 to 65+.

An advertisement from the same Instagram account also targeted anyone 13 and older, but it was censored by the committee.

The ad invited parents to send in photos of their Trump-supporting kids.

An LGBT United page targeted an anti-Westboro Baptist Church protest at anyone aged 14 and up.

An anti-police brutality page had people over 14 in the target audience.

An anti-migrant advertisement was shown to males from 17 to 65 years old.

And a pro-Hillary, pro-Muslim event was marketed to Washington, DC residents between 16 and 53 years old.

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