People Lost It When They Thought "Arby's" Is A Way Of Saying "Roast Beef"

It would be so good if it were true.

Late on Sunday night, Twitter user Kath Barbadoro sent out a tweet that shook Twitter, saying the name Arby's actually stands for "roast beef."

I broke a lot of hearts this weekend when I explained to a group of people that Arby's just means "roast beef" (RB) and isn't a guy's name

And people were shook...

Someone even took the extreme step of texting the news to an ex.

@kathbarbadoro I sent this to my ex-boyfriend THATS HOW MUCH IT HAS AFFECTED ME

"My world is upside down."

@kathbarbadoro my world is upside down

BuzzFeed News reached out to Arby's to fact-check this potentially mind-blowing piece of information. A spokesperson (sadly) said, "Arby’s was named after our founders, the Raffel Brothers (Raffel Brothers = RB = Arby’s)."

Once the truth reached her, Barbadoro corrected her error...

I'm sorry for spreading roast beef propaganda. The RB of Arby's stands for Raffel Brothers, the mythical beef roasting brothers of Arby's

But even after learning the truth, some refused to accept it.

@elongreen it’s actually for the founding Raffel Brothers but it’s much funnier to think it stands for Roast Beef,…

But in the end, Arby's standing for "roast beef" is still...

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