Sorry, That United App "Drag And Drop Feature" Update Is Definitely Fake

But they did eliminate some bugs.

After a passenger was dragged off an overbooked United Airlines flight on Sunday, the internet did what it does best and trolled United relentlessly.

#flythefriendlyskies @united no words. This poor man!!

One of the jokes photoshopped an app update to say the United app "supports new drag and drop feature."

Bad timing on your app update, @united!

It quickly got picked up by copycats.

This didn't age well @united #UnitedAirlines #Timing

Some people fell for the tweet, while others wondered if it was real.

*facepalm* while I suspect totally coincidental, can't be funnier :(

@NickNicotera @united Shoot-- I fell for a photoshopped image.

But some simply hoped.

I hope this is real

A quick search of United's two-star-rated app shows that while the update is real, the text is fake.

But that didn't stop people from scaring their cats with laughter.

Oh god. I laughed so loud the cats ran away.

Or taking the original tweet as inspiration.

Well, at least Twitter had a good time.

now THIS is comedy.

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