That Story About A Coyote Being Mistaken For A Dog Is Not Real

Even Seth Rogen fell for this one.

A tweet about a coyote being mistaken for a dog has gone viral, but the story isn't real.

The photo is from a 2014 Daily Mail story about a family that domesticated Wiley, the coyote in the picture.

The original poster later apologized for tweeting the fake after someone pointed out the Daily Mail story.

But it was too late. The tweet had already racked up tons of engagement and been retweeted by Seth Rogen, who has over 7 million followers.

Many people who retweeted the story were all about the look on the coyote's face.

Others suspected it was fake but hoped it was real.

Want to avoid falling for a viral image? Before you share, right click on the photo and select "search Google for image" to bring up other instances where it appears online.

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