People Are Sharing Photoshopped Pics Of Sharks As A Tribute To Hurricane Shark

The same photoshopped shark has been showing up during hurricanes for years.

Meet Hurricane Shark, the photoshopped fish who shows up in the street whenever a hurricane hits.

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This is him in 2011 during Irene.

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In 2012, he was in New Jersey for Hurricane Sandy.

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And he was there in 2016 for Hurricane Matthew.

He's a dedicated storm chaser, and now he's made his way to Florida just in time for Hurricane Irma.

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Hurricane Shark's image is taken from a 2005 issue of Africa Geographic. From there, someone put him in a photo of a flooded highway, and Hurricane Shark was born.

Africa Geographic

Hurricane Shark is so committed to making an appearance during hurricanes, some think he deserves a paycheck.

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In fact, it's possible he actually rode the hurricane to Florida.

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The above image is not real. It was created using the website, according to the easy-to-miss watermark in the top right.

One guy claims Hurricane Shark outswam Olympic medalist Michael Phelps.

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At least one person reported that the shark was getting up close and personal with travelers.

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And now it seems Hurricane Shark brought friends, including Left Shark.

Insane. Sharks seen on the streets of Miami #irma

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Shopping Shark is here, too.

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This shark bro really hates cyclists, according to this totally real dash cam video.

@jessebwatters hope you are reporting about the shark in the water in Miami.

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And to complete the gang, a bodybuilder shark was spotted outside Naples.

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We can only guess what drives Hurricane Shark to travel such long distances.

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But what we can do is wish luck to our omnipresent friend. Godspeed, little guy. Godspeed.

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