People Are Sharing Photoshopped Pics Of Sharks As A Tribute To Hurricane Shark

The same photoshopped shark has been showing up during hurricanes for years.

Meet Hurricane Shark, the photoshopped fish who shows up in the street whenever a hurricane hits.

This is him in 2011 during Irene.

In 2012, he was in New Jersey for Hurricane Sandy.

He's a dedicated storm chaser, and now he's made his way to Florida just in time for Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Shark's image is taken from a 2005 issue of Africa Geographic. From there, someone put him in a photo of a flooded highway, and Hurricane Shark was born.

Hurricane Shark is so committed to making an appearance during hurricanes, some think he deserves a paycheck.

In fact, it's possible he actually rode the hurricane to Florida.

One guy claims Hurricane Shark outswam Olympic medalist Michael Phelps.

At least one person reported that the shark was getting up close and personal with travelers.

And now it seems Hurricane Shark brought friends, including Left Shark.

Insane. Sharks seen on the streets of Miami #irma

@samstein / Twitter / Via Twitter: @samstein

Shopping Shark is here, too.

This shark bro really hates cyclists, according to this totally real dash cam video.

@jessebwatters hope you are reporting about the shark in the water in Miami.

@mfstern / Twitter / Via Twitter: @mfstern

And to complete the gang, a bodybuilder shark was spotted outside Naples.

We can only guess what drives Hurricane Shark to travel such long distances.

But what we can do is wish luck to our omnipresent friend. Godspeed, little guy. Godspeed.

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