No, This Video Of Putin Singing "Creep" Is Not Real

But I'm a creep.

On March 21, a YouTube channel published a low-quality video of Russian President Vladimir Putin singing Radiohead's "Creep."

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🎶 But I'm a creep 🎶 I'm a weirdooooo 🎶

The internet loved it. It was viewed nearly half a million views since being uploaded.

Tell me this is real.

"Who else but Putin to cover 'Creep' by Radiohead?" says this tweet from a French publication.

Qui d'autre que Poutine pour reprendre "Creep" de Radiohead ?

Unfortunately for all of us, the video is not real. Both the bio and a watermark on the video advertise an Instagram account, therealputinofficial1952, that regularly posts memes of Putin the president probably wouldn't like. Like this one, for example.

Or this one.

The original video was ripped from Putin's December 2010 performance of "Blueberry Hill" at Russia Today's charity banquet.

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(The audience ate up his performance.)

In summary, while Putin likes his karaoke, the performance of "Creep" is...

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