Let's Talk About This Cursed Image Of A Caffeinated Monster-Brand Ham

Back to regularly scheduled programming, everyone.

Some Twitter users recently came across a perplexing image of caffeinated, Monster-branded ham sandwich meat.

“White people dont have culture” OK THEN EXPLAIN THIS

Immediately they began wondering, What in the ham?!


And people went ham on the jokes.

This maybe the whitest thing I have ever seen https://t.co/OwxcWbspAq

They were porkin' ridiculous.

Just wait until they find a way to combine Rip-Its and beef jerky into the same snack. https://t.co/Q6Nn06Kzgq

Well, I'm here to tell you all to take a deep breath, because the Monster ham is not real.

The image is watermarked with the username of Adam the Creator, who's known to make fake images, and Momus, a meme-making app.

Neither Monster Energy nor Adam Padilla immediately responded to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.

There are also no hams listed as a product on the official Monster Energy website.

Sorry to disappoint you, gamers.

so if eat this would it make me better at #BlackOps4? that's what I'm getting at 🤣 https://t.co/u0u1pJOc8x

I would also like to issue a second apology for my ham-fisted jokes.

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