12 Wonderful (And Weird) Ways To Tackle Pollution in China

Pollution is one of the biggest problems facing China. From city-covering domes to ‘clean air' bikes, numerous madcap solutions have been considered.

1. Covering cities with huge bubble domes

They kind of remind us of The Simpsons Movie

2. Encouraging everyone to wear face masks

3. ... Or nose plugs

4. ... Or 'air-cleaning' bikes

In 2013 Beijing-based inventor Matt Hope unveiled a bicycle with a face mask attached, with the air filtered through it cleaned when you pedal. The bike cost 180 yuan ($29) and featured an Ikea bin as part of its filtration system.

5. Sucking up smog with vacuum cleaners

De Zeen

A vacuum cleaner that sucks up pollution was developed by Dutch designer Daan Rooseguard last year. It uses coils of copper to create an electrostatic field that attracts smog particles and, according to the developer, "Creates holes of 50-60 metres of clean air so you can see the sun again." Rooseguard worked with the mayor of Beijing on the project.

6. Putting sprinklers on top of skyscrapers

7. Freezing smog with paratrooper robots

8. Naming and shaming the most polluted cities

9. ... And rewarding the least polluted cities

10. Making everyone get cremated in reusable coffins

11. Getting kids to learn anti-smog martial arts

12. Or just, you know, trying to properly reduce emissions from factories and cars...