Audiences Were Not Laughing At The "SNL" Isis Skit

"Just saw the most unfunny SNL piece of all time."

A skit aired on Saturday Night Live's Feb. 28 episode, hosted by Dakota Johnson, that spoofed the Toyota commercial in which a father drops his daughter off at the airport where it's clear she's joining the Army.

But it soon became clear that Johnson wasn't playing someone who was joining the Army on SNL...

Nope. She was joining ISIS.

Then, this exchange happened.

And then Johnson's character rode off with cast member Kyle Mooney's ISIS member.

And a voiceover said this.

On Twitter, it was instantly clear that viewers did not find humor in the skit.

Just saw maybe the most unfunny #SNL piece of all time. Is ISIS really a good subject for humor? #nbc And I've loved SNL for decades.

Not very funny #SNL with the ISIS skit. "Take care of my daughter" referring to a group that gruesomely kills.

Horrible, Inappropriate......... #SNL joke about #ISIS with #DakotaJohnson #notEvenFunny

Dear #SNL, jokes about Isis are not funny. See how much you laugh when you have to see your loved one(s) being slaughtered. No respect.

Actually offended by the ISIS sketch... Is that seriously all you could come up with? @nbcsnl #SNL

Wow. I found NOTHING funny about that ISIS #SNL skit. Sorry, but no laughing matter. Ever.

Some even called it "depraved" and "vile."

Can't be serious. Isis skit? Like going to college? When so many people are being kidnapped and killed? Depraved. #SNL

'Just when you think its safe to go into water, #SNL spoofs #ISIS. Producers channeling #JeSuisCharlie? Vile. #nbc #DakotaJohnson

And many felt like the skit was in bad taste.

I say this as a life long #SNL fan. The ISIS commercial was in poor taste. Scratch that. Horrible taste.

#SNL needs to stop the ISIS skits. They aren't funny, very poor taste.

I don't care the... Isis skit was in poor taste.. especially when a young women was kidnapped and killed recently by them ... #snl #hellno

Very distasteful of #SNL making fun of the Isis crisis on tonight's episode

I'm going to go ahead and voice my opinion on the #SNL ISIS skit. Absolutely hell no, under any circumstance. Poor poor taste!

NBC did not have a comment when reached by BuzzFeed News.

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