Rudy Giuliani Heaps Lavish Praise On Uber's Commitment To Safety

"Uber is setting the safety standard in the ride-sourcing industry." But the review's not quite done yet.

Even though his company's audit isn't yet finished, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani penned an update to his four month long audit of Uber's background check process on Wednesday, and he says the on-demand driver service is doing an excellent job.

"Uber is setting the safety standard in the ride-sourcing industry," he wrote.

After coming under fire from both the San Francisco and Los Angeles District Attorney's offices, Uber announced last summer that Giuliani Partners would audit the company's processes. While most rides are uneventful, in some instances Uber drivers have been accused of sexually assaulting their passengers, beating them up, and even kidnapping them.

The update said that Giuliani Partners' (who are working in conjunction with the security consulting firm Guidepost Solutions) findings to date show that Uber "consistently demonstrates its commitment to safety." Acknowledging that it's still early in the review process, Giuliani added that "it is already clear to me that providing the safest rides on the road is a hallmark of Uber's model."

In the report Giuliani notes that Uber has already made some changes to their process. Early this year, they switched up control of the background check process from its regional offices to a centralized unit.. Giuliani also praised Uber's background checks, which go back 7 years, while most taxi services in major cities only do 3 to 5.

Taxi unions, however, have fought back vigorously against the idea that Uber's checks are sufficient. In D.C., where the city council recently passed a law legalizing Uber, taxi drivers say they have to be fingerprinted and send their info to the FBI, a process that Uber does not require.

A detailed report along with recommendations for Uber's background check process is expected in the coming months.

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