Chris Christie vs. Michael Bloomberg: A Spotify Showdown

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have each released Spotify playlists based on their respective regions. Whose top themes reign supreme?

Here's the playlist Mayor Bloomberg put together:

And here's Governor Christie's noticeably shorter one:

The most popular artist on the Christie's list is Bruce Springsteen, because of course.

But Bloomberg gets major points for the classic J-Lo jam "Jenny From The Block."

There were, however, some key omissions. Prime example: How can you make a NYC playlist without Wu-Tang?

But props to the New Jersey Gov for trying to keep it modern with a little "Fun."

And to Bloomberg for throwing in some Lumineers

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Though this specific choice is slightly questionable -- their founding members are originally from New Jersey.

But which themes reigned supreme in this Hudson River playlist playoff? Bloomberg's?

Or Christie's?

Let us know down below.