These Gloves Could Translate American Sign Language Into Live Speech And It’s Scientific As Hell

"Access to communication is a basic fundamental human right!"

Two University of Washington students, Thomas Pryor and Navid Azodi, invented these gloves which can translate American Sign Language into speech in real time.

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This means that people who are deaf that use American Sign Language to communicate will be able to "speak" with others who don't know ASL.

When a person wears the gloves, sensors in the hand and wrist measure their movements and send them via Bluetooth to a computer program that Thomas wrote. The computer program then translates them into speech.

The script can then be played out loud on a laptop. Next level shit, yo!

But fear not! You won't have to lug your laptop around like a Luddite, because the technology will soon be available on a smartphone too.

The students want to make it clear that their intention is not to change or criticize the way that the deaf community already communicates with one another.

At the moment, the gloves only exist as a prototype (which the guys say they built on a "$100 budget").

At this point, the gloves only "know" a few dozen words.

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