The 8 Weirdest Hoaxes And Conspiracy Theories About The Clinton Campaign Emails

The Wikileaks dump of Clinton campaign emails has given rise to a bunch of pretty outlandish stuff.

1. Hillary Clinton grabbed a man's junk on stage.

2. Hillary Clinton disparaged black people.

3. Hillary Clinton referred to Muslims as "sand niggers" in an email.

4. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was assassinated, and the Clinton campaign was in on it.

5. Clinton called young and progressive voters a "bucket of losers."

6. The New York Times "warned" the Clinton campaign about stories they were about to publish.

New York Times warns Hillary campaign in advance of stories they are about to publish.…

Paul Joseph Watson, a writer for the conspiracy site InfoWars, claimed that a hacked email showed collusion between New York Times reporters and the Clinton campaign.

In the email, Clinton press secretary Nick Merrill said he had been told by two reporters about an imminent story about Hillary Clinton meeting with Senator Elizabeth Warren in December of 2014. While Watson and many others have characterized this as the Times "warning" or even colluding with the campaign, it is standard journalistic practice to seek comment from people in a story before you publish.

The resulting story did not include any input from the campaign, and noted that Clinton's aides "did not respond to requests for comment."

7. Hillary Clinton hates "everyday Americans."

8. Democrats want to keep citizens "unaware and compliant."

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