This Guy Became Admin Of An Anti-Muslim Group And Trolled Its Members So Hard

"It was mostly for laughs, but of course it makes me happy to upset so many racist bigots."

Here's what happened when a self-described "troublemaker" got control of an anti-Muslim Facebook group and proceeded to mercilessly troll all its members.

Somehow, he was accepted as a member, and then as an admin, of a giant Facebook group called NO SHARIA LAW WORLDWIDE!

All prospective members are asked to answer some questions, and if anyone had actually read his responses, they would have seen that he was up to no good.

Despite saying he considered the Prophet Muhammad "a real hero, better than Jesus," he was still allowed into the virulently anti-Muslim Facebook group.

After he was let in, Hannah asked to be made an administrator, and that's when the trolling really kicked into high gear.

He started by banning all new members from joining.

He also affiliated the anti-Sharia group with a whole range of other groups, just because.

Second: Link the Sharia Group with the 100 horrible groups im already in

Then he decided to change the name of the group to "We Love And Respect Islam."

Okay, had to do something about the name, wasn't the biggest fan of it

This really didn't go over well with people.

Things continued along this path for a while.

Hannah kept messing with the group for as long as he could, but eventually he was kicked out by the other admins.

"It was mostly for laughs, but of course it makes me happy to upset so many racist bigots," he said.

Hannah's trolling has gotten rave reviews.

@Tom_On_Line literally cackling away here

People are applauding him for his work.

NSFW but hilarious thread. Trolling Islamophobes A+. ⬇


There was some collateral damage. Hannah's Facebook account was briefly locked down, but he has since regained control of it. "I'm sure I got mass reported by everyone in there," he said.

Lmao whoopsie daisy, guess some people were mad at me yesterday or something????

Although Hannah said disrupting the group was fun while it lasted, there's a lot of ugly stuff spewed about Muslims and many other groups that flies under the radar on Facebook.

"It's frightening to see such hate and vitriol being so casually shared," he said.

"As far as any larger lessons, stay offline ... Your life will be much happier."