There’s A Conspiracy Theory That Hillary Clinton Cheated At The Debate

A similar conspiracy theory was floated about George W. Bush in 2004.

There’s a new conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton cheated at Monday's presidential debate by wearing some kind of hidden device.

Many supporters of Donald Trump point to photos of a strange lump in her clothing as proof she had help, with campaign staff possibly feeding her answers through a hidden earpiece.

In fact, the bulky object under Clinton's jacket is almost certainly just a microphone pack. Both candidates had visible lapel mics on stage.

That obvious explanation hasn't stopped many conservative blogs, YouTube channels, and Facebook pages from spreading the rumor that Clinton had extra help.

One viral image, shared by prominent pro-Trump accounts on Twitter, even suggested Clinton was wearing a "coughing prevention machine."

In 2004 there was a similar freak-out about a mysterious "bulge" in George W. Bush's jacket during a presidential debate.

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