This Former Airline CEO Said The United Passenger Dragged Off A Flight Was Being "Immature"

CNBC contributor Gordon Bethune said the passenger acted "like a child."

A former airline executive said the passenger who was forcibly removed from an overbooked United flight was being "immature" and acting "like a child."

Bethune defended the staff and appeared to blame the passenger for not dealing with the situation better.

Many people who caught the interview were outraged at Bethune's reaction.

WTF?? @GordonBethune on @msnbc callously defending @united assaulting passenger seated on plane..


Gordon Bethune former CEO Continental just blamed @United incident on immaturity of passenger. Gobsmacked.

"You don't want Gordon Bethune running your PR dept.," this person said.

@CNBC @united you don't want Gordon Bethune running your PR dept., he blames it all on the passenger. Wow! SMH!!

Others suggested he was out of touch with the industry.

"In my day passengers knew how to take a beating"

Former @United CEO Gordon Bethune on CNBC right now calling the pasenger who was manhandled, "immature". GB wouldn't last a day as CEO today

And some expressed anger at the CNBC hosts for not pushing back on Bethune's comments.

@carlquintanilla your interview with Gordon "Screw the Passanger" Bethune was a Joke. Next time give him shoulder…

Watch the full interview on the CNBC website.