People Are Absolutely Roasting This Microsoft Recruiter's Email To "Bae Interns"

Hella noms, lots of dranks.

People are losing it after a Microsoft recruiter sent "bae interns" this email to promote a party. There would be "hella noms" and "lots of dranks," the email said. "HELL YES TO GETTING LIT ON A MONDAY NIGHT."

My roommate received this email from a Microsoft recruiter today.

It didn't take long for people to rip it apart.

Hella on fleek Microsoft! Totes gucci to be all swag! Recruiter team be lit like YOLO and turnt AF!

Yo, who has the hella noms and dank beats. Baesoft thats who.

They said Microsoft really has its finger on the pulse.

What undergrads are looking for in a recruitment event: 1. Hella noms 2. Lots of dranks 3. The best beats 4. Branded beer pong tables

It was hard for people to even pick a favorite part of the email.

I'm not even sure which was the best part of that. Bae intern? Hella noms? "dranks?" Such a multilayered masterpiece.

They tried to picture a Microsoft recruiter trying to get lit.

@Jeremy_Danner @pburtchaell "I know, I'll write 'Bae Intern', those Millennials will love this!!"

And said Microsoft is definitely the weird guy at the party.

.@Microsoft is like the 30-something at a college party who is trying a little too hard to relate...

On the other hand, some said there would be some perks to going.

@pburtchaell @Tehrasha One does not simply ignore Hella Noms

Really, what's the worst thing that could happen?

@pburtchaell You wake the next morning with no memory of how you got home, and all your computers now have WIndows 10 on them.

Microsoft owned up to the email after getting roasted online. A company spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that "the email was poorly worded and not in keeping with our values as a company."

"We are looking into how this occurred and will take appropriate steps to address it," the spokesperson said.

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