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A Florida Man Was Banned From Ordering Pizza After Making Too Many Prank Calls

Florida man, where you gonna run to?

Posted on August 11, 2016, at 5:53 p.m. ET

A man in Florida has been banned from ordering pizza after a weeks-long campaign of prank calls and fake orders to a number of pizza joints in his area, police say.

Indian River County Sheriff's Office / Via

Randy Riddle of Sebastian, Florida, was arrested on Aug. 1 and faces seven charges, including making harassing phone calls and committing petty theft.

Riddle posted a bond of $5,500, but a condition of his bail is that he can't call any pizza places anymore, TC Palm reported.

Over three weeks of watching Riddle, police say that Riddle placed numerous calls for pizza and then refused to pay, ordered pizza to fake addresses, or simply called the pizzerias to tell them their food sucked.

Chameleonseye / Getty Images

He allegedly used five different phone numbers to carry out his campaign of pizza terror and cost the restaurants at least $667.

While Riddle was doing all this, the 49-year-old also apparently made a number of harassing calls to the police department, city hall, and the Department of Health to complain about these same restaurants.

According to TC Palm, Riddle has previously been convicted of making harassing phone calls, so this might just be his ~thing~.