21 Reasons JFK Was Actually A Conservative

Fifty years after the assassination, the author of the new book JFK, Conservative explains how John Kennedy paved the way for Ronald Reagan.

1. He cut taxes.

2. He told a liberal Harvard economics professor to "shut up" when he opposed Kennedy's tax cuts.

3. He said Al Gore's dad was a "son of a bitch."

4. He favored free trade.

5. He was really, REALLY anti-Communist.

6. He invaded, then blockaded Cuba.

7. He escalated American involvement in the Vietnam War.

8. He was very religious.

9. He appointed one of the two justices who dissented against Roe v. Wade.

10. He called abortion repugnant.

11. The law was the law, even if it meant killing someone.

12. He went slow on civil rights.

13. He was not a big spender.

14. Except when it came to the military.

15. He was tough on unions.

16. He wanted to reform welfare.

17. He was friendly to the oil and gas industries.

18. Kennedy gave conservative speeches.

19. The press actually described him as a conservative.

20. His friends and staff described him as conservative.

21. Ronald Reagan loved to use Kennedy as an example.

22. For sources and more details, check out JFK, Conservative.

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