Here's What Brazilian Protesters Said When Asked About The President's Impeachment

BuzzFeed Brazil went to Brasilia to find out what people think about the impeachment of their president, the 2018 elections, and public participation.

BuzzFeed Brazil spoke to people gathered at the demonstrations in front of the National Congress in Brasilia on Sunday, where the lower house voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. Writers Iran Giuste and Gaspar José asked each demonstrator three questions: "Are you in favor of the impeachment?", "Who would you vote for in 2018?" and "Why are you out here on the street today?" Here are some of their responses.

Are you for or against Dilma's impeachment?

"In favor!"

"I'm against this coup!"

"I'm against the fascist coup"

"[In] favor!"

"Stay, Dilma! Down with the coup!"

"Yes, I'm in favor of the impeachment"

Who would you vote for President in 2018?

"Lula 2018"

"Joaquim Barbosa"

"Bolsonaro is a #myth"

"None of the candidates!!!"

"Someone who cares about Brazil."

"2018 is still uncertain, but definitely not Bolsonaro, right? #2018esquerdanopoder"

"Lula, he's like Zé do Caroço"

Why are you on the street today?

"I'm not with the PT party, I came for democracy and against losing our rights!"

"Victory comes from the ballot box and the voice of the people should be respected!! #opovoésoberano"

"To show my outrage!!!"

"Political reform now!"

"I work for a living, I'm fighting against the people exploiting my class!"

"In defense of democracy and the vote made by 54 million Brazilians."

"Today I'm in the street because between the right and the left I'm black and a macumba player. I know what social invisibility and racism means... So the next generations should be about respect, PPP, and humanization."

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