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GOP Congressman: Meddling Obama Operatives "Forced" Netanyahu To Reject Two-State Solution

"If the president had stayed out of it in the first place, that statement may never have been made."

Posted on March 26, 2015, at 11:27 a.m. ET

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

Republican Rep. Morgan Griffith of Virginia says interference by the Obama administration is responsible for Benjamin Netanyahu's comments that there would be no two-state solution if he were reelected for a fourth term as Israel's prime minister.

"Well, you know, the president doesn't like to lose, and a lot of his people were on the ground, trying to help the opposition to Netanyahu," Griffith said on the John Fredericks Show. "They in fact, by interfering in that election — and look, I don't think we should interfere one way or the other. I happen to like Netanyahu, but I have nothing against the other guy. I support Israel, whomever they had elected. That's their decision. But the president's people went in — I don't know if the president ordered them in, but his people went in, and worked for the opposition.

Griffith said the president's people "trying to help the opposition to Netanyahu," pushed the Israeli prime minister to make his comments.

"That pushed Netanyahu to have to make it clear that, as long as the current circumstances exist, there won't be a Palestinian state. Well, you know, the president seems to forget that ISIS — the 'JV team,' as he used to call them, about a year and two months ago — is 18 miles away from the Israeli border. Under those circumstances, under the circumstances that the Palestinians are, you know, at least a large percentage of them, are, seem to be in favor of terrorist groups, that's why Prime Minister Netanyahu was forced to make those statements. If the president had stayed out of it in the first place, that statement may never have been made."

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