We Finally Know Who Died In Season 2 Of "The White Lotus" And The Memes Are Killing Me

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The final episode of Season 2 of The White Lotus aired on Sunday, and we got answers about the deaths that were teased in the first episode — and viewers responded with memes.

Back at the very start of the season, Daphne goes for a swim after talking to new guests on the beach about how great the hotel is. "Oh, you're gonna die. They're going to have to drag you out of here," she says in the season premiere.

Then while swimming, Daphne finds a body floating in the water. In that first episode, we also learn that more than one person is dead as a character refers to other "bodies" that have been found.

At this point I wonder if I’m the one who dies in the season finale of The White Lotus.

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This season of The White Lotus has gripped the internet (the theme song even went viral on TikTok), and people have had dozens of theories about who was going to die based on the ongoing drama in the series.

One of the early theories was that Mia and Lucia, two local sex workers, are in danger, as Lucia is followed and confronted by a man whom she says is her pimp, Alessio.

Another theory was Tanya's husband, Greg, whom she met in the first season of the show, might have a motive for wanting her out of the picture: Their prenup states that he gets nothing in a divorce but would receive money if she dies.

And then there was also the mess between Cameron, Daphne, Harper, and Ethan, the two couples on a vacation together.

Now, six episodes later we finally know who dies and how it all goes down. The body in the ocean turns out to be none other than Tanya, played by Emmy winner Jennifer Coolidge.

In the penultimate episode of the season, we find out that her husband and her friend Quentin may have known each other after Tanya finds an old photograph of a younger Quentin and a man resembling a younger Greg in Quentin's bedroom.

Tanya asks Quentin about the photo in the finale, and he describes the man with a striking resemblance to her husband as an old friend named Steve whom he'd lost contact with. Later on, while Tanya is on a yacht with Quentin and his friends, she gets a call from Portia, her assistant. Portia tells her that Quentin is broke, and Tanya realizes that she is in danger as their conversation works out the theory that her husband is involved in a plan to kill her.

In other news, Cameron and Ethan have a fistfight after Harper finally admits that she did cheat on Ethan. Once the fight is broken up, Ethan ends up talking to Daphne about it, and after seeming upset for a split second, she goes back to her positive self and invites him to take a walk. The scene ends ambiguously, allowing for the suggestion that they may have hooked up to get back at their respective spouses.

The episode has led to endless hilarious memes, mostly about Tanya and the moments leading up to her death.

As you may remember, the iconic "Peppa Pig" response from hotel manager Valentina birthed so many memes — including this one of Peppa Pig, representing Tanya, holding a gun.

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On a phone call, Tanya tells Portia that she witnessed Quentin and his supposed nephew, Jack, having sex, which led to this House of Dragon and White Lotus crossover meme.

house of dragon 🤝 the white lotus #thewhitelotus

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After that call, Tanya goes up to the captain of the yacht with her theory and says, "Do you know these gays?"

what’s the French word for seeing an image you know will become a meme that you’ll be seeing across social media platforms for the next 3-5 years https://t.co/jNAoN95kqA

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After shooting Quentin, Tanya asks him if her husband is having an affair — which should be a serious moment, but the delivery of it is hilarious.

"Is Greg having an affair?" #WhiteLotus #whitelotushbo

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Coolidge's character was the internet's favorite.

jennifer coolidge in every scene of the white lotus

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tanya hearing a knock at the door: #whitelotus

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Social media also fell in love with Meghann Fahy and her character Daphne's resilience as she makes the best of every bleak moment.


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harper, ethan, and cameron: *absolutely losing their minds* daphne: #TheWhiteLotus #WhiteLotus

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Then there's of course the duo Mia and Lucia, who managed to scam their way into $50,000 and a job.

Mia singing in The White Lotus lounge while all the other guests cheat, lie, and murder each other

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Someone we haven't heard from is Tanya's shifty husband, Greg, who left for work during their holiday but will now be very rich.

greg after getting the call that $500m is on the way to his bank and everyone he had to split it with is dead: #WhiteLotus

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Just moments after Albie told Portia at the airport that someone drowned and people were shot on a yacht, she shoots her shot too. For Albie's number.

albie: “they found a guest who drowned. they also found a bunch of dead people on a yacht” portia, who definitely knows that may have been tanya: #WhiteLotus #TheWhiteLotus

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portia and albie leaving sicily together #thewhitelotus

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What a season.

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