Meet The TikToker That Correctly Guessed Kylie Jenner Was Pregnant Based On Her Nails

“So when are all ya’ll manicure detectives starting your new gigs with the FBI?”

In July, a TikToker named Tiffany O’Neill posted a video predicting that Kylie Jenner was pregnant.

The next month, she posted another video, this one more in-depth, in which she argued fans could detect Jenner’s pregnancy by keeping an eye on her manicures in various social media posts. That video went so viral that it paved the way for hundreds of more people to start digging through Kylie's social media.

O’Neill, of course, was proven right this week when Jenner announced she is pregnant with her second child. People praised O'Neill for her eagle-eyed investigation, making TikToks about her and urging her to join the FBI.

O'Neill, who lives in Los Angeles, told BuzzFeed News she has been shocked by the attention her videos have received.

“I really couldn’t believe it was spreading so fast and reaching that many people," she said.

O’Neill first had a feeling Kylie may be pregnant once she and Travis Scott started making public appearances and social media posts together.

She made her first video so she could prove to her friends that she called it if her theory turned out to be right.

"I made the video so I could jokingly be like I told you so to friends with a timestamp and not expecting anyone to see it," O'Neill said. "I had like less than 50 followers at the time."

The news of Kylie's pregnancy is exciting, she said, and she was pleased that a lot of people came back to her to tell her she was right.

Whilst many knew O'Neill was behind the start of the theory, some were crediting other TikTokers. However, O’Neill said she is taking credit.

"I’ve seen a few people trying to take credit, but I know I was the first person to call out the nails that started all the other inconsistencies in her Instagram presence,” O’Neill said.

At first, O’Neill said, she didn’t mind other people were copying her videos, but she wants everyone to know she is the true Kylie detective.

"I wanted the right source credited because I was proud of my investigation skills,” she said.

O'Neill said she's not sure what she will do with her TikTok account. She has 22,000 followers now and averages at least 100,000 views consistently.

"I like pop culture and I’ve always wanted to be a detective so maybe continue combining those two interests," she said.

O'Neill hasn't heard from anyone working for Kylie but wants to pass on her congratulations. "I hope I didn’t ruin anything for her," O'Neill said.

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