The Palestinian Activist That Went Viral For Slapping An Israeli Soldier Has Been Released From Prison

Ahed Tamimi was released alongside her mother, who also served eight months in Israeli prison.

A 17-year-old Palestinian activist named Ahed Tamimi, who was filmed slapping an Israeli soldier, has been released from jail after serving eight months in prison.

Her mother, Nariman Tamimi, was also released today.

In December, Tamimi was filmed by her mother and livestreamed on Facebook shouting at the soldiers and slapping one of them.

Facebook: video.php

Both Tamimi and her mother were charged with assault.

The Times of Israel reported that in court Tamimi said that an hour before the incident, soldiers from the IDF had shot her cousin Muhammad Tamimi in the head at point-blank range with a rubber bullet.

She said: “Then I saw the same soldiers who hit my cousin, this time in front of my house. I could not keep quiet and I responded as I did."

She was charged with 12 counts, including assault, incitement, and interference with soldiers, and agreed to plead guilty to four of the charges, including assault.

Days before Tamimi's release, a mural of her was painted by an Italian artist on the separation barrier of the West Bank.

After her release, Tamimi and her family visited the tomb of former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

According to Reuters, Tamimi addressed people in front of her house and said "resistance is continuing."

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