Online Retailer Shein Apologized Twice This Week. Now It's Being Called Out Again For Selling A Necklace That Says "Allah."

The company already had to apologize this week for selling a "swastika pendant necklace" and Muslim prayer mats that it was selling as decorative carpets.

Shein has come under scrutiny for the third time this week after people noticed that the company has been selling a necklace that reads "Allah" (God) in Arabic as part of a set of necklaces that say "Baby girl," "Scorpio," and "96."

Nowhere in the description of the necklaces did the company make clear that one of the necklaces had religious origins. Any religious necklaces that Muslims wear require extra care — for example, you cannot enter a bathroom with one.

The earliest review for the set of necklaces appeared to be from April this year.

The retailer had already apologized on Thursday after people criticized them for selling a "swastika pendant necklace." And earlier this week, Shein also released an apology addressing multiple Muslim prayer mats that it was selling as decorative carpets.

Khadija Rizvi, who previously posted about Shein selling prayer mats, called out the company over the necklaces in an Instagram post Thursday that ended up going viral.

"I am tired of this but we will continue to call out the religious abuse and appropriation," she wrote in her caption. "After the Swastika necklace yesterday, there will definitely be more that we find. We initially accepted your apology and looked to the future positively, however the commitment to change has not been upheld."

She also criticized Shein for issuing an "insincere apology" over the swastika necklace and suggested that retailer "pull down your site until you thoroughly check all your items, to avoid mocking cultures and religions further."

The necklace set was removed from Shein's website by Friday morning. The company also published an apology addressing the swastika necklace, saying it will no longer be selling any religious items on its site.

The post did not mention the necklace with the Allah pendant.

A Shein spokesperson told BuzzFeed News in a statement about the swastika necklace Thursday that it is "taking extreme measures to ensure that all items are cleared through a rigorous vetting process before we retail them."

And its apology post was flooded with people asking for an explanation for the Allah pendant.

Shein did not respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News about the set of necklaces.

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