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Photographers Are Taking Part In The Pantone Challenge And People Think It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

“What a visual, what a visual.”

Posted on November 17, 2018, at 10:27 a.m. ET

Photographers have been using the Pantone app to share the colors in their photos and it has become the #PantoneChallenge.

I have heart eyes looking at the posts for the #PantoneChallenge. What a visual, what a visual.

The app lets users identify the colors in their photos, creating a color palette that they can share.


21-year-old Aminah McKenzie, a full-time portrait and fashion photographer from Hampton Roads, Virginia, inspired the challenge.

Aminah McKenzie

McKenzie told BuzzFeed News she has been doing photography for six years.

Aminah McKenzie

“I would describe my work as fun and vibrant but also versatile. I like to try different styles for the photoshoots that I do,” she said.

Aminah McKenzie

“I love colors and color therapy so I wanted to see the color palettes from my photos. I used the app Pantone and did the color palettes through the app,” she added.

Aminah McKenzie

McKenzie said going viral was overwhelming, but in a good way.

“Seeing everyone come together to show their art was the best part,” she said.

see this is creativity .

Damn her work is fire 🔥

aesthetically pleasing

Photographers were inspired by her tweet, and started sharing their photos with the Pantone colors.

How about we start a #PantoneChallenge @aminah_mck 🎨

McKenzie said: “Someone posted their photos from the Pantone app and tagged me, because they said they were inspired from the set of photos I posted. From there, people started hashtagging #PantoneChallenge.

“I didn’t think any of this would happen, because I just said ‘Colors’ in the initial tweet, but I’m glad it did, because it brought awareness to this great app, and I loved seeing everyone’s photos and their excitement for photography.

“I think it inspired a lot of people, including myself.”

Decided to jump on the #PantoneChallenge inspired by @aminah_mck 🖤💙💜🧡

This #PantoneChallenge made me realize i like earthy tones with a little bit of colour pop...

some of my pics for the #Pantonechallenge inspired by @aminah_mck ❣️