These Parents Went Viral After They Bought Their Daughter A Whole New Printer Instead Of New Ink Cartridges

"Printer ink is a scam."

When Siti Mashita asked her parents to buy her new ink cartridges for her business selling handmade scrunchies, she got an unexpected response: a photo of her mom holding a brand-new printer, new cartridges included.

"Suddenly, my dad sent me a picture of my mom posing confidently next to a printer and said, 'Mom already bought it,'" Siti told BuzzFeed News from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Siti said she was shocked and asked her mom why they hadn't run it by her first.

"At home, they said they bought it because it's a lot more convenient than the old printer," she said.

Her photos of the text exchange went viral on Twitter, with people applauding her mom for being "next level."

"I was overwhelmed with guilt because my parents didn't know it went viral, but I don't see any bad or mean tweet attacking my parents so I guess that's fine," she added.

suruh beli ink,printer dibelinya🤦🏽‍♀️

"Told to buy ink, he bought the printer."


Some people also said they agreed with her parents' purchase because ink can cost more than printers.

Printer ink is a scam

When the ink is more expensive than a whole printer...

Some people related because they had also done the same.

Macam your dad la @firasathatimu 😅

"Like your dad."

@MASYlTAH Same energy @heliath_

@MASYlTAH lmao my dad did this to me earlier this month. suruh belikan ink, the next day bangun2 ada printer depan muka. Dad's love really are something

"My dad did this to me earlier this month. Told him to buy the ink, the next day [I] wake up with a printer. Dad's love really is something."

Ultimately, though, Siti wasn't left with two printers. She said she managed to sell the new printer through Twitter to someone who needed one.

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