People Are Sharing When They Have Paid More Income Tax Than Donald Trump Reportedly Did

"I paid more than $750 in income taxes working 39 hours a week at Starbucks during college."

According to the New York Times, President Donald Trump only paid $750 in income tax in 2016 and paid entirely nothing for 10 out of the 15 years the newspaper analyzed.

The president called the story "fake news" at a press conference.

People on Twitter were angry at this news as they have been paying more income tax for years. Many spoke out about their experiences.

Here are just a few of the thousands of people who said they have paid more in income tax than $750 in a year — and what they were doing when they paid it.


I am 9 years old. I have paid more taxes than Donald Trump.


How come I've paid a shit fucking more taxes than the president and I make under 20$ an hour?


I am a 16-year-old part-time minimum wage worker and I pay more income taxes than the billionaire President of the United States


Wait so you’re telling me I pay more income taxes than Donald Trump?!


I'm a 43-year-old bookkeeper from Florida with an 18-year-old son I paid more in federal taxes. #TrumpTaxReturns


As an undocumented immigrant, I can now say that I've paid more in taxes than the President. According to NYT, @realDonaldTrump paid only "$750 in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency." Meanwhile, I paid $1,559.85 in *quarterly taxes* for Q4 '19. #TrumpTaxReturns


I run a small business that has never made more than six figures annually. Trump paid $750 in taxes in 2017. That year, I paid 225 times that. I am revolted.


My taxable income in 2017 was around $55,000. I paid $7,200 in federal income tax. Trump paid $750. #TrumpTaxReturns


I paid more than $750 in income taxes working 39 hours a week at Starbucks during college.


Waking up to the realization that my husband & I pay more in our monthly student loans than Trump pays in taxes is just...whew.


As someone who takes about $17,000 or so a year after taxes, I have paid more in taxes this YEAR (and more taxes will be paid this year) than Trump did in 2016 and 2017. I live paycheck to paycheck while he lives a lavish lifestyle so yeah. Trump can continue to kiss my ass.


He paid $750 in taxes. Seven hundred fifty dollars. I’m a single teacher. One income. At least four times that. I want to vomit.


We cost our humans more in dog food and treats than ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ pays in federal income taxes


Me: What's wrong? Taji: I pay more taxes than Trump does.


My son has worked in the grocery store since he was 16. He worked during the pandemic once they started following acceptable procedures. As a college student, he works during breaks. He pays more federal income tax than Donald Trump.


I own a business. I paid waaaay more than $750.00 in taxes. You know why? I didn’t try to deduct 70,000 for haircuts. I didn’t borrow so much money I was in staggering debt and because wait for it - my business was successful so I owed taxes. #TrumpIsBroke ##DonTheCon


I only get to write off $250 for school supplies on my taxes when I easily spend $1,000+ every year and the president only paid $750. Excuse the language but that’s some bullshit. #TrumpTaxes


me thinkin bout how I pay more taxes than trump


I paid more for my last root canal than the dumb, crooked motherfucker paid in taxes for years. And I have dental insurance.


I paid more than $750 in annual taxes when I was broke and could barely afford rent. The phrase "socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else" really needs to catch on.

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