A Mom Is Going Viral For Her Impassioned Response To Learning Her Son Voted Independent

A 2020 mood.


A teenager's video of her mom's response to learning her son voted independent has gone viral on TikTok, with many viewers relating to her anxiety amid an uncertain election result.

A teenager named Kennedy filmed the video, which features her mom, Crystal, having an intense discussion with her son, Chris. Their grandmother, Belinda, was also listening on the phone.


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In the video, Chris says to his mom, "Stop worshipping these people like they're fucking gods."

"Ain't nobody worshipping them, but goddammit, Chris, we need somebody in there with motherfucking sense," Crystal responds. "Chris, why would you do that?"

Kennedy told BuzzFeed News her family went to go vote together. (She couldn't vote, though, because she isn't 18 yet.) She said that before voting they had discussed that Chris would vote for former vice president Joe Biden.


Kennedy said she always records things when something starts to happen — so when she heard yelling, she started recording.

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"I like to show her what she looks like when she’s mad," she said of her mom.

Crystal told BuzzFeed News that when her son voted independent, she felt that was a vote wasted. She said voting is an important family tradition for them. "We all go out to breakfast after we vote," she said.

The TikTok has been shared 36,000 times and has raked in 482,000 likes; it has been viewed more than a million times. In the comments, a lot of people agreed with Crystal, and others are praying Trump doesn't win for Chris's sake.

Many people related to Crystal's reaction and called her a "queen."

"We need that kind of passion," said one commenter.

Crystal said she was shocked when she went viral and didn't know anything about the video. Chris said he voted independent because he doesn't know anything about Biden and doesn't like Trump, so he felt it was right to vote independent.

However, Chris himself isn't too worried; he said if his mom tells him to vote in the next four years, he will be right there with her.

"We still family regardless of the situation," Chris said.

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