Megan Thee Stallion Is Allowed To Release A Collab With BTS After Suing Her Record Label Over It

The lawsuit claims that the star’s record label said it would not approve the remix unless it received a fee of $100,000, which Megan would not be entitled to.

On Tuesday, Megan Thee Stallion filed a lawsuit against her record label, alleging it would not let her release a song with BTS.

The collaboration, set to be released on Aug. 27, is a remix of the group’s single “Butter.” In the suit made public by Variety, Megan Thee Stallion, whose legal name is Megan Pete, alleges her record label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, has blocked the release of the song. She also named the label’s CEO, Carl Crawford, in the lawsuit.

Megan's lawyers requested a temporary restraining order to prevent the label from stopping the release of the “Butter” remix. The order was granted, and the single is set for release this Friday.

In the lawsuit, Megan alleges that she was contacted at the end of June about featuring on the song and writes that she “had a strong desire to participate in the remix with BTS.”

According to the complaint, 1501 told the artist via a “vague email” that it did not believe the single with the South Korean band would be “good for her career.” BTS’s “Butter” remained at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for nine weeks. The label then said it would require a “waiver” that would allow Megan to participate if it received a fee of $100,000, which Megan would not be entitled to.

In contrast, attorneys for Megan allege that stopping the release could be detrimental to her career, saying her relationship with BTS could be “severely damaged” if the order weren't granted. They also added that it would cause "irreparable damage" to Megan's work to expand her fanbase in the US and abroad.

Megan also claims in the lawsuit that her label has been doing nothing to assist her career, "other than try to hurt it and make money off" her.

“They have no contact with me except when they want money, and they have done nothing to benefit my art,” she alleges in a declaration as part of the complaint. “The effort to try to restrain me from engaging in my artistic expression, and to prevent me from working with the hit band BTS cannot be quantified in terms of damages. An artist, especially a music artist, cannot be silenced without causing tremendous injury.”

This isn’t the first time Megan has taken her record label to court. In a similar case in March 2020, Megan alleged 1501 were blocking the release of her new music.

In the Tuesday filing, her lawyers say that 1501’s conduct violates a previous restraining order, which prevents the label from interfering with her music releases and which was granted last year. They write that the restraining order "was subsequently extended and remains enforceable.”

Today, Megan paid the Harris County Civil Courthouse a $10,000 bond for the temporary injunction and a further $100,000, which will be held by the court until a hearing in September where her case will be reassessed. If the court finds that the collaboration did cause harm to her music career, Megan could lose the money that is being held.

Fans were shocked to find out about the suit, and some are planning to raise $100,000 for Black Women for Wellness and Women for Afghan Women, in honor of Megan.

Okay Purple Soldiers, Let's Go! We've put together the #TheeARMYFund to help raise 100k as a gift to @theestallion and to celebrate the new butter remix!💜 Your donations will be split b/w Black Women for Wellness and Women for Afghan Women. More ⬇️

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BuzzFeed News reached out for comment to representatives of Megan, 1501, and 300 Entertainment.

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