This Teen Used Loads Of Kazoos To Cover Songs And It Is Incredible

"We're all living in 2017, while she's living in 9503."

Meet 17-year-old high school senior Izzy Humair who is from Hong Kong but living in New York for the summer.

Humair has 30 kazoos which she has been using to make covers of popular songs.

This is the final boss level you have to beat in battle

Humair told BuzzFeed News that she posted a "deadpan" cover with kazoos of "Mr Sandman" to Twitter because she thought it would sound funny.

Humair said, "I've been playing the kazoo since I was a child like most kazoo players because they're children's toys."

She said she's from Hong Kong and during a recent visit she started jamming out on a bunch of plastic toy instruments but she found the kazoo to be the easiest to play.

She then noticed that in the packaging that they stack up on each other. So she wanted to see how many of them could be stacked and if the sound would change.

She said after "Mr Sandman" she went back to her emo roots and played "I write sins not tragedies" by Panic At The Disco.

I Write Sins Not Tragedies 25 kazoo cover

Humair also covered "Fireflies" by Owl City.

And "Closer" by The Chainsmokers.


She said her goal is to play 100 kazoos at once.

She said: "I only have 26 ... I don't have money set aside for kazoos."

The kazoo cover videos have gone viral and Humair said she was surprised to see it was well taken.

"I'm not super social and people from Hong Kong don't use Twitter so I was flooded with messages from my peers asking why there were so many videos of me playing kazoos online," said Humair.

People have called it quality content.

And said she's living in 9503.

And a masterpiece.

Kazoo goals tbh.

this is the kazoo kid now dont ask how he became a girl this is her @ 😩💦 >>> @izzyhumair

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