A 5-Year-Old Thought Her Mom Was An Alien From "Men In Black" When She Found Her Passport

"She said 'I GOT YO TEA!!'"

Meet 5-year-old Nala-Joye and her mom Kira J, who is a 30-year-old author and poet. On Monday, Nala-Joye found her mom's passport and thought it was a document to show that her mother is an alien. Kira told BuzzFeed News that they had watched Men in Black three days ago, and her daughter was entertained and scared at the same time.

"We watch movies together all the time," said Kira, "Her favorite movie is Flushed Away."

Nala-Joye found her mom's passport on her bed and ended up crying at the thought of her mom possibly being an alien. Kira filmed the moment, and it went viral on social media with 2.2 million views.

My daughter found my passport today & she thought it was paperwork to show I’m an alien 👽😂. Shoulda never let her watch MIB

Twitter: @IamKiraJ

People found the moment hilarious.

She said “I GOT YO TEA!!” https://t.co/4cvYTIZWPV

Twitter: @ceeitrus

And some said they would've played along to make their child think that they are, in fact, an alien.

the way i would’ve kept up the lie LMAOOOOOOO doing weird shit around the house https://t.co/ar7CkaH6jY

Twitter: @pineappleruntz

I can’t have kids fr bc I’d make her believe I’m an alien https://t.co/oFV4b04c2P

Twitter: @viccs___

Kira said that before she started filming, her daughter was flipping through the pages of her passport and asked her if the view from space meant that she was an alien.

"I initially said, 'Yes, but it’s a secret, you can’t tell anyone,' just playing with her, but that’s what caused the meltdown," Kira said.

When she stopped filming, she said she calmly explained to her what a passport is. Kira said she went through every stamp and showed her pages that had cows on them and how that didn't make her a cow.

Kira said her friends and family all laughed hysterically because they know how dramatic Nala-Joye can be.

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