Donald Trump Is Facing Criminal Charges And Twitter Is Having A Field Day With The Memes

"first and foremost he is an entertainer," one person tweeted.

Donald Trump surrounded by men in suits has a solemn expression and waves to the camera in the middle distance

Donald Trump has been taken into custody in New York City as of Tuesday afternoon, where he will be charged by the Manhattan district attorney for his part in a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels in the lead-up to the 2016 election. And people are already having a field day with the memes.

Headline on every page rn is trump under arrest! Today just keeps getting better

Twitter: @heyjaeee

Crowds started gathering as early as 9:30 a.m. outside the building as protesters, counterprotesters, government officials, and reporters alike swarmed the area to get a glimpse of him. But on Twitter, users shared jokes about the arrest and mocked him.

Twitter: @DaAngryOstrich

He might have deleted but that’s okay, others do not forget what time it is

Twitter: @HeheWaitWhut

Even smaller events during the day became fodder for jokes. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene arrived to lead a morning rally on his behalf but was quickly surrounded by a crowd, which whistled, booed, cheered, and chanted. Videos of the conservative member of Congress went viral on Twitter, as "New Yorkers" began trending on Twitter. "New Yorkers really got Marjorie Taylor Greene’s club footed ass right on up outta there," one wrote.

Two sides are both now yelling at each other over the barricades.

Twitter: @davidmackau

Since the indictment was announced last Thursday, Trump's appearance has been the subject of heavy public scrutiny and memeage. While AI-generated photos of Trump's headshot and the scene in Manhattan began floating around the internet, and some made jokes about Trump's decision to appear in person (which was not required), many users pointed out how much content there was to be mined from the situation.

first and foremost he is an entertainer

Twitter: @been_herde

Funniest day on Twitter just got called off

Twitter: @jaubreyYT

Beautiful weather in New York, perfect day to be out. My recommendation for President Trump would be to pick up a pastry in Chinatown, wander over to Columbus Park, maybe check out a downtown gallery or do a little thrifting, then happy hour drinks/snacks at Cervo’s or Le Dive?

Twitter: @maxwelltani

Others mocked the heavy media coverage and its similarities to the O.J. Simpson trial of 1995, when news outlets had 24/7 coverage of the case, including the infamous broadcast of the white Bronco highway chase.

He should’ve driven to the airport in a white Bronco

Twitter: @sadmonsters

Exclusive photo of the first top of MTG’s head. Must credit

Twitter: @davidmackau

"The OJ-esque cable coverage is beyond parody, but Trump is the center of the political universe because he's a dangerous demagogue who could very easily become president again," Pod Save America host Jon Favreau tweeted. "That's not the media's fault, that's the fault of nearly every elected Republican and the MAGA base."

And despite all this, in an even more unserious twist, the arraignment is only the second-most-trending topic on Twitter, right behind the trailer release of Greta Gerwig's upcoming live-action film Barbie, and people on Twitter were quick to point out the hilarious irony of it all.

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Even celebrities joined in on the fun.

The cast of Barbie is bigger than this Trump rally 🗽

Twitter: @PadmaLakshmi

For more news on Trump's indictment, we have reporters on the ground in Manhattan today. Follow along here for more information.

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