BTS And Coldplay Announced They Will Be Collaborating On A Single Called “My Universe”

The song will be in both English and Korean; the lyrics were written by Coldplay and BTS.

#MyUniverse // Coldplay X BTS // September 24th // Pre-order & pre-save now // ❤️♾⭕️ @bts_bighit @BTS_twt

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After months of rumors, Coldplay confirmed that they’re releasing a collaboration with BTS.

The single is titled “My Universe,” and it's set to be released on Sept. 24, ahead of Coldplay’s album, which is out on Oct. 15, a spokesperson for Coldplay confirmed to BuzzFeed News in a press release. The song will be in both English and Korean; the lyrics were written by Coldplay and BTS.

The Twitter account for Coldplay’s new project “Alien Radio FM” also hinted at the single in a cryptic tweet on Monday. The account posted a video using “Spheric,” a fictional alphabet created by Coldplay.

Translation: "Coldplay x BTS My Universe"

Twitter: @coldplayxtra

Rumors began to swirl that the two bands would collaborate after Coldplay’s Chris Martin visited South Korea in April. South Korean media reported on rumors that he was there to collaborate with a Korean act, which led to many people guessing BTS.

In an interview after his trip, Martin jokingly refused to talk about the rumor, which only fueled it more.

👨🏻‍🦳 when you were in South Korea, maybe you bumped into a certain kpop band named @BTS_twt? There’s a lot of rumors on the street @coldplay’s Chris Martin: …there’s a glitch…something about our career? Our career is going south? I can’t believe he made a South Korea career joke

Twitter: @modooborahae

In August, BTS member Jin said on a livestream that they would be collaborating with an international artist whom he and Taehyung have been fans of since they were younger. He said he took a photo with this artist and showed the photo in the back of his phone, with the faces hidden.

Jin from #BTS: "I think it's well known by now, but there will be an announcement about working with a foreign artist. I've been a fan of them since I was young & Taehyung has taken a polaroid pic us together, which I keep on the back of my phone" 🗣 @btstranslation7

Twitter: @coldplayxtra

Fans of BTS are excited for the single, and it will be a full-circle moment for the band, who have expressed they are big Coldplay fans, tweeting in 2014, “I love you Coldplay.”

For the band’s six-year anniversary, BTS tweeted a clip while listening to “Fix You.”

사랑해요 콜드플레이!!! Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars

Twitter: @BTS_twt

In February, BTS covered “‘Fix You”’ for MTV Unplugged. Coldplay called their performance “beautiful” in a tweet written in Korean.

아름다운 @bts_twt 🤍🤍🤍 Love c, g, w & j #BTSUnplugged

Twitter: @coldplay

In March, a German radio presenter took issue with BTS covering Coldplay’s “Fix You” and likened them to the coronavirus. The radio station, Bayern 3, later issued a statement apologizing for the comments.

Fans especially loved that for every CD, cassette, and vinyl purchased from the Coldplay store, the band promised to plant and sustain a tree with One Tree Planted.

Handwritten lyrics by Coldplay and BTS 💜 Printed on sustainably sourced board♻️ For every purchase, the band plants a tree 🌳 #MyUniverse #BTSxColdplay #COLDPLAYxBTS

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