I Was A Thirsty Male Feminist For A Day And It Was Exhausting

Let's get to the bottom of the Matt McGorry Problem™.

So, there's a phenomenon that's been happening lately where socially conscious guys are getting a lot of praise for being feminists — which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

Matt McGorry, an actor in shows like Orange Is the New Black and How to Get Away With Murder, might be the best example right now.

Do highly praised, outspoken celebrity male feminists take the spotlight away from the very people they're trying to help?

BuzzFeed's podcast Internet Explorer decided to have our co-host Ryan Broderick, who unlike Matt McGorry is not famous or important, try acting like Matt McGorry on social media for a day.

We picked out some of McGorry's most infamous social media moments and tried to see if they looked silly when a normal, nonfamous dude (Ryan) tried to do them. Here's what happened:

1. Pose with some socially conscious literature.

2. Share fun texts between you and women you know.

3. Block women who disagree with you.

4. Record dramatic videos.

Have you NOT opened the door for a lady today? #MaleFeminist

Ryan: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. Do a photo shoot for gender equality.

6. Block more women who disagree with you.

7. "Free" your "nipple."

8. Get in a fight with a woman and mansplain why you're right.

9. Pose shirtless with a book.

Final thoughts...

You can check out our whole discussion about male feminists below:

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