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What Kind Of Stuff On The Internet Do Teens Actually Think Is Cool?

Would a 17-year-old think you're lame???

Posted on July 15, 2015, at 8:19 a.m. ET

This week on BuzzFeed's Internet Explorer podcast, we interviewed 17-year-old Anita Osoula. We wanted to find out what social networks and apps are ACTUALLY cool, according to teens.

Julia Furlan / BuzzFeed

Anita is our favorite teen on Twitter. She just graduated high school in Brooklyn. She's smart, she's stylish, she's funny, and she's really really good at Twitter. So we asked Anita: what is cool on the internet now?

Take our quiz and find out if you're as cool as Anita is!

  1. Facebook
  2. Thinkstock
  3. Snapchat
  4. Thinkstock
  5. Thinkstock
  6. Twitter
  7. Tumblr
  8. Instagram
  9. Thinkstock
  10. Jonathan Leibson / Stringer / Getty Images
  11. Jonathan Leibson / Stringer / Getty Images
  12. Vine
  13. PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP / Getty Images
  15. Spotify
  16. Google

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