Internet Explorer Podcast: How To Seduce A Digital Pigeon

There's a Japanese video game where you attend a school for teen pigeons, and we want to know everything about it.

Get ready for some intense discussion of teen sex, both human and pigeon. It's the new BuzzFeed's Internet Explorer podcast:

Hatoful Boyfriend is a Japanese video game where you attend a high school for giant pigeons and date giant pigeons.

Teen. Pigeon. Dating. Simulator. WHAT IS LIFE?

Have you heard of the period tracker Glow? They have a community section with a lot of really crazy questions where people don't understand how babies are made. Like this girl:

This week we're giving a big FOLLOW FRIDAY to cYbErGoThS. Because they're great and we love them.

Here's a video of Cyber Goths in action!

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And here's a makeup tutorial so you can get the look right.

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Also thanks to Suicide Commando for their cybergoth banger "God Is In The Rain". Play it when you're feeling like you're ready to leave your human shell behind and upload yourself completely to the mainframe. Like, when you're listening to internet Explorer.

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