33 Things That Prove Minions Are Officially Over

WARNING: The post is NSFW because people are disgusting and terrible.

If you can make it through this whole post, definitely check out this episode of BuzzFeed’s Internet Explorer podcast. We interview Brian Feldman, author of "How Minions Destroyed The Internet".


1. The fact this sign exists.

2. This photoshop of Danny Devito.

3. These Confederate flag Minions.

4. And these anti-LGBT Minions.

5. These S&M Minions.

6. These Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger Minions.

7. This blog full of social justice Minions.

8. This woman at gas station attempting to paint pumpkins to look like Minions for some reason.

Why the fuck are you painting pumpkins as minions in the back of your truck at the gas station???? 😒

9. This comic.

10. This Tumblr post.

11. This handmade Valentines crochet male Minions thong.

12. This dude's stomach.


13. This.

14. And the person who loves it.

15. This horrifying fire hydrant.

16. The fact this exists.

17. These pregnant Minions.

18. And this app that lets you give them an ultra-sound.

19. This Minions pony.

20. This tweet.

21. And this tweet.

I refuse to believe I'm the only person who has speculated about the taste of Minion meat.

22. This pro-gay marriage MackleMinion.

ok I think I'm done with minions now

23. This Minion vape.

24. This photographer.

I WAS having a nice day in the park until

25. This YikYak confession.

26. This child's parents' inability to say no.


27. This Reddit thread.

28. This Minion vibrator.

MINION DILDO @YasmineValim @sheldon_headley

29. This Minion tattoo.

30. Whatever this is.

31. This Snapchat.

32. This lingerie set.

33. And this dude's bed.

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