This Photographer Did A Fashion Shoot Inspired By Refugees And People Are Pretty Angry About It

Norbert Baksa, a Hungary-based photographer, said the images were designed to raise awareness of the situation.

A Hungarian photographer has been criticized online after he did a fashion shoot inspired by the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe.

"Der Migrant" fashion photography: #refugees

Norbert Baska specialises in glamor and fashion photography; his website says he's produced spreads for Cosmopolitan, Elle, Playboy, and FHM magazines, to name a few.

But his latest shoot, named "Der Migrant", hasn't received much acclaim, with many criticizing him for glamorizing the refugee crisis.

Currently, millions of refugees are attempting to travel to western Europe after fleeing war torn areas of Syria and Iraq. Many of the refugees are currently stuck at border crossings in and around Hungary, as the government has built wire fences to prevent further movement.

T'es #migrant ? Appelles #NorbertBaska pour un shooting mode.. Ou quand les mots manquent pour dénoncer la connerie !

In some of the photos, the models are seen wearing headscarves while baring skin, surrounded by barbed wire fences that signify the Hungarian border.

Other photos show models imitating refugees being dragged away from the border by police.

Art gone berserk. Some dude has actually done a fashion photoshoot on the theme of migrants.

People on social media largely criticized Baska, saying he was exploiting the situation of refugees escaping war-torn Syria for better lives in Europe.

So this magazine thought it would be awesome to do a fashion shoot themed on the refugee crisis. I mean, really?

This 'migrant' photo shoot quite possibly depicts one of the things wickedly wrong with the world right now.

The moment a modish fashion photographer disappeared up his own jacksy

Who wants their day ruined? Migrant fashion....

One person even compared Baksa to Derek Zoolander.

Remember Zoolander? This is not a parody, just sick: "Der Migrant" fashion photography! OMG

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Baksa for comment. On his Twitter account, the photographer said he was “trying to raise awareness” of the refugee crisis.

Der Migrant people: realize the complexity of the situation and address it in different angles! Neither pro nor con, raising awareness!

Pictures are reproductions of reports in Hungarian media. Some show refugees fleeing for life, others show aggressive migrants or terrorists

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