24 Things That Prove Video Games Are All Grown Up

Video games are getting older, and so are you.

1. These are no longer considered cutting-edge graphics.

2. Pong is officially over-the-hill.

3. The model for Lara Croft will be over-the-hill before Obama's second term is over.

4. Crash Bandicoot is old enough to drive.

5. Sonic the Hedgehog is old enough to drink.

6. Nintendo Power is going out of print.

7. Madden has gone from this...

To this.

8. And Mario's fireballs have gone from this...

To this.

9. You can now download arcade games on your phone for 99 cents (and it doesn't cost extra to continue after you die).

10. The Museum of Modern Art is opening a video game exhibition.

11. More people have bought "Mario" games than Beatles albums.

12. This guy hasn't been James Bond for a decade.

13. There are now more "Final Fantasy" games than "Land Before Time" movies.

14. The year the first "Mario Kart" came out, Pontiac released the Trans Sport GT minivan.

15. Sum 41's "Fat Lip" was one of the newest songs on the original "Guitar Hero."

16. The first "Zelda" game came out when Ronald Reagan was president.

17. "Star Fox 64" came out when Bill Clinton was president.

18. The first "Call of Duty" was set in World War II and the new one is set in the future.

19. There have been 13 "Mario Party" games.

20. And 20 "Kirby" games.

21. The Nintendo Game Cube holds 190 times more gigabytes of data than the N64.

22. The average video game player is now 30 years old, according to the Entertainment Software Association.

23. There is an entire generation of kids who have never played video games with a controller.

24. But craziest of all, there are now 649 Pokémon.

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