U.S. Cities With The Most Pleasant Weather, Ranked

Unless you live in California, Seattle actually has more perfect days a year than your city does.

Designer and software engineer Kelly Norton compiled data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to make an interactive map that shows how many days a year the weather is "pleasant" in any part of the country.

"Pleasant" is defined as temperatures between 55 and 75 degrees with no significant precipitation or snow depth. Additionally, the minimum temperature must be above 45 degrees and the maximum temperature must be below 85 degrees.

Six months out of the year, the weather in Los Angeles is perfect. On average, it has 35 days of measurable precipitation annually.

San Diego has pleasant weather 50% of the year. The last time it snowed there was 1967.

San Francisco might have the coldest summer of any U.S. city, but its weather is pleasant 35% of the year.

It's cloudy more than 200 days a year in Seattle, but there are still more pleasant days than most cities.

Chicago has pleasant days 20% of the year and its winters have seen anywhere from 9.8 inches to 89.7 inches of snow in the last century.

The average annual temperature in New York City is 55 degrees and days are pleasant 18% of the year.

The average high in Houston reaches 93 degrees in August and it's pleasant 18% of the year.

Atlanta can be warm and humid, and it also snows occasionally, but it's pleasant nearly 17% of the time.

When it's not pleasant in Phoenix for 16% of the year, it's hot, but at least it's a dry heat in a city with an average of 334 days of sunshine annually.

The average temperature in Las Vegas last year was 69 degrees where the days are pleasant just under 16% of the time.

There's no true "dry season" in Boston with more than three inches of rain falling monthly and pleasant temperatures 15% of the year.

There were 78.7 inches of snow the winter of 2009-2010, a record for Philadelphia, where weather is pleasant 15% of the time.

The hottest recorded temperature in San Antonio, where it's pleasant 15% of the year, was 111 degrees in 2000.

It's pleasant 15% of the year in Jacksonville where there's mild winters and warm summers, and the occasional overnight freezes 10 to 15 times a year.

It's pleasant in Indianapolis 14% of the year and the annual average temperature in 2013 was 52.4 degrees.

The temperature in Washington, D.C., got as high as 88 degrees in July and 31 degrees in February last year, and it's pleasant 13% of the year.

The weather is pleasant in Salt Lake City for more than 10% of the year and it received 69.9 inches of snow in 2013.

Denver has about 300 days of sunshine a year, but it's defined as pleasant only 10% of the time.

Poor McAllister, Mont. It has pleasant days less than 4% of the year.

See the interactive map of the most pleasant places in the U.S. here.