The Most Interesting Maps From 2013

What life was like in the United States this year according to maps.

1. States that have legalized same-sex marriage.

2. The implementation of the Affordable Care Act in its first month.

3. National Parks that were opened during the federal government shutdown because states paid for them.

4. The best-selling vehicles in each state.

5. What people call a sweetened carbonated beverage.

6. Where large concentrations of people speak Spanish at home.

7. Franchise Blockbuster locations that could remain open after DISH closes all remaining corporate locations.

8. Americans' favorite beers.

9. The religion of the members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

10. The percentage of state population on food stamps.

11. What the United States would look like if everyone who wanted to start their own state got their way.

12. The most critically acclaimed popular musicians from each state.

13. What the internet thinks about each state.

14. The percentage of homes in each state that are owned with a mortgage following the housing market crash.

15. The states with the highest percentage of residents who are unemployed.

16. How many planes were in the air the day before Thanksgiving.

17. The most popular websites.

18. The most prevalent pizza chains.

19. Which states swear the most.

20. Where the National Hockey League would relocate if Nate Silver were in charge.

21. How many meth labs are in each county.

22. The most popular searches on Pornhub and how long users stay on the site.

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