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Rescue Workers Save Two Women — And Their Painting — From Deadly Mudslides

"It was the least I could do," said Randy Fay, who was among the rescue workers who performed eight rescues following the devastating Washington mud slide.

Posted on April 4, 2014, at 2:52 p.m. ET

The Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team performed eight rescues following the deadly mud slides in Washington.

Among those saved were two women who were standing on the roof of their home.

The women had crawled into the attic and onto the roof of the home, which was splitting. One had salvaged a painting from inside.

"She was purposeful in keeping that with her and she asked me if she could take it," said Randy Fay, a rescue worker. He retrieved the painting and brought it up to the helicopter. "It was the least I could do."

The death toll in the mud slide has risen to 30, and 17 are missing, according to the Snohomish County medical examiner’s office. Damages are estimated to be more than $10 million.

Handout / Reuters

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