People Took Selfies While A Freeway Was Closed Because A Man Attempted To Jump Off A Bridge

The 105 in Los Angeles was closed Thursday while officers responded to a man on an overpass, and motorists got out of their cars to take photos.

The 105 freeway in Los Angeles was shut down Thursday during rush hour for more than three hours because of negotiations with a man on a freeway overpass.

105 Freeway still shut down in Paramount as negotiation w/ man on bridge continues

A spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol told BuzzFeed officers responded around 5:30 p.m. local time to reports a man threatened to jump from the overpass into traffic.

If u r driving do not get the 105 e & w this man stopped the whole freeway by the paramount/Garfield exit :o

Traffic was backed up to the 605 three miles away.

105 Fwy is backed up all the way to 605 while authorities respond to man on ped bridge, @Sky5Tim reports

People got out of their car during the closure, including one man, who took a selfie video.

And a group shot.

Here's an aerial view of a group shot.

#SKY5: People taking pictures and selfies on the 105 Freeway. #KTLA

The CHP spokesperson said the individual on the overpass was not injured and was detained by police. The 105 was reopened shortly after 9:15 p.m.

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